Sunday, May 1, 2016

Setting Important Dates

In college you are always going to need a planner. Some students may think that planners are just for professionals or for higher companies to use them. Planners are for everyone! Planners can help you stay organize with your classes and with events that are happening in your life. Writing out your day gives you a way to focus on what matters the most in a time set. I personally believe that all college students should have some type of planner or organizer. College life can get hectic and often times we don’t even get a chance to look at our phone to set an alarm for the next event that is supposed to happen.

When I am writing in my planner for the week, I try to plant it all out in the most effective way possible. I also tend to be very colorful, stylish, and full sticky notes. Bold and vibrant writing set a visual look to the eyes. It also helps to highlight the important things that are heading your way. Inside of my planner I tend to put a scripture at the top of the planner to keep me motivated throughout the crazy week.   Having color inside of your planner makes you want to read everything you have for the day of the week. You can actually become more productive by having color to your planner. Using a planner to write out to-do list or even a goal list is what you need to accomplish your college semester.

Using a planner can really help you stay organize with your life for the better. The more you use it, the more you will see a change in your life by having one. Organization is the best way to go!

The semester is just about over!

The semester is finally coming to a close. Classes end next week with final exams, so instructors and students are trying to rush through their last parts of the course and beginning to think about those annoying final exams. When I am not in the class, there appears to be no sign of anything slowing down or even stopping when it comes to finishing homework or even studying. I’ve got so many things to look forward to in the upcoming days: finishing all of my online ENGL 3043 assignments, Dr. Warsame’s early childhood portfolio, and preparing myself to give birth to my son on May 21, 2016!

Weekends for me are full of fun and have a lot of extra activities too! I try so hard to find just about two hour just to get a little homework done so I don’t feel so behind when Monday finally arrives. For example, this weekend I was preparing for my baby shower that was on Saturday. It was a fun way to share a part of my new beginnings coming forth. I am so excited to become a mother. There are so much fun in one weekend.

With the semester coming to an end, I’m getting nerves just thinking about how this is my last couple of days being by myself without having a baby around. All and all, I have been finishing this semester out strong with the grades I have earned thus far.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Professional Fashion

Have you ever spend hours in front of your closet pondering on what you should wear? Yes I have been one of those people several times in my life. The way you dress and the way you approach individuals is important because it affects how people identify you as a person. If your outfit is clean, well-ordered and professional, it shows that you take care of yourself and your position of business. Dress code in your workplace can range from casual to formal.

Business casual is usually in the middle between business clothing and what you wear on a day to day bases. Even if your company or school house says “business casual”, your clothing should away be neat and try to avoid wearing a lot of your street day clothing.  Business formal is leaning on what you should wear on your interview day such as a suit, skirt. Etc. Here at Prairie View A&M University education department we tend to follow the formal attire because you should always set yourself up for the best. Everywhere you go you should present yourself being a teacher in preparation.

Dressing to impress is absolutely worth it, but you also have to make sure that it doesn’t get to become a mind thing either. You can rapidly start outlaying a lot of unnecessary money on clothes that you really don’t need because you can put a cheap outfit together and still look very neat and clean. Fashion is the KEY!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My daily job reflecting on my passion!

The picture tells it all! I love my job at target. Has someone ever told you to quit you day job because it is not giving you the opportunity to pursue you passion?  Sitting around having stuffs handed to you does not only make you lazy but should make you want more to do more in life. Working at target gives me an opportunity to better my social skills that will help me in the near future when I become a teacher.  There are far more examples that put up with my everyday routine, but the key concept is vibrant: you can achieve both at the same time.

Most student who are working and going to college find themselves blaming their daily jobs for why they can’t complete their personal goals. Honestly, there are times were you could blame your job from holding you back from your passion. Practically every person is held to some usage of time limitation, then again the individuals who truly want to reach their personal goal find the time. 

Working at target I take the time to think about how this job would benefits me in the near future. Some days I become very exhausted or just don’t want to be there. Once I get off I think about how my day went at work and I have to move forward and know that I am doing something that I love and it will always a positive reflection to use when I’m not feeling motivated. Don't resign from your day job, just take advantage of the situation.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Technology Changed Learning

Technology has impacted nearly every aspect of life today, and education is mainly receiving the impact. I can say that education seems much the same as it has been for many years but with changes that were added. Back in the day, classrooms looked different than what they do today. Back then, teachers would use chalkboards and textbooks that children would be following along with. Classrooms today may look different by having laptops, tablets, and white magic boards instead of a textbook. Most students don’t even need to sit in a classroom to get the material; it will be given to them through online format. I feel that if you want to be an effective student you should be in a classroom learning with the technology that is provided, not sitting at home and just reading it because you have to.

Technology has also begun to change the roles of teachers and learner by getting so used to the new change. Being a student, I feel that I take more responsibility in my learning by using technology to gather any information that I need because all you have to do is type what you want into a search box and it is just handed to you. But as people of the society, technology is a powerful tool and can be looked on as being a positive view or negative view and it also can support education in many ways because everyone has different learning views. Honestly, as the years go by everything is going to have to go under a changing process and I feel that technology is just the first to take action.  

Teachers and Students Relationships

Being a student teacher in high school was the best thing I could ever do. Every single thing you do in schools may send a message to your brain letting you know about your potential career in the near future and I think that it has made a positive effect on me because I love working with children.  You truly get the greatest experiences from learning and building a relationship with your students. Building a positive connection with young children is the main task and the initial factor of an effective teacher.  All children grow and bloom in the environment of close by and trustworthy relationships that provides security, and approachable interaction.

 Each student teacher had a student of their own. Daniel was my student for the year which he was great. The only thing that really took a toll on his was not being in a home that was fit for him at the time. So that’s when our teacher-child relationship began on the first day of school. As the school year went on I started to see a change in his behavior. His behavior problems were really severe due to not having any support to deal with it. Working with Daniel was a challenge when he wanted things to go his way and not the way I or other teacher around him would want things to go.  Having to build a relationship with him made him realize that Ms. Brittany really cares about him and wants him to enjoy his life as a kid. I would be the only person who would be able to calm Daniel down when he had his moments. When I sat down with Mrs. Ledet, she really just thanked me because this was Daniel's second year coming to Cypress Springs Preschool and no one could really deal with his severe behavior problem and the lack of him not wanting to learn. Building a foundation not only for the children but for everyone who is involved in that child life. Daniel was a great kid!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Classroom!

Can you envision a classroom lacking color? An essential part of a child’s growth is through life because they are learning and developing through different challenges, and most of their knowledge takes place inside of a classroom. Those prime years are extremely important to the development of each child, and without the creative knowledge openings, children will lack the abilities they need to learn and grow within. A classroom actually plays a big role in educating imagination and confidence. I feel that a classroom should be very colorful and well organized with many eye- catching items because it can make somewhat of an emotional or physical connection with the children when they walk in the classroom. Your classroom environment affects how you feel about yourself and your career.  If your classroom has no color to the eye the students may feel as they are walking into something that is always going to be boring. When you design a bulletin or rewards chart board to display different ways of how you are trying to introduce all your methods to the young children will imply how the class will be structure throughout the year . Here are some of the things I would add to my classroom setting to make it as creative as possible.

(1)  Block Center- Children will be able to used legos, wooden blocks, ABC, or 123 blocks to have the most hands-on experience as they grow.    
·         (2) Reading and Writing Center- Will provide the students to express how they feel and what they think about the topic that is given that day.  
·         (3) Music/ Drama Center- Encouraging creativity which allows the children dress up and listen to music that is appealing to their interest.  
·         (4) Science Center- Many students love the nature and love to see how the world works around us. This center will give a lot of information and experiment lessons  

Whether you're a fresh teacher setting up your classroom for the very first time or a skilled teacher considering to make over your classroom, you as a teacher should know how significant it is to design a classroom blueprint that simplifies learning and has an impact on the environment around the students.